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B: 30 Jan 2020
Gotcha = Easter 2020

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What we do?  Dance, Play and Wrassle

I Write Songs, Poems, Books and Tails.  Here is a small taste of forthcoming Destiny Log

01. A Message 1.3.81

I sat and looked and listened
I translated what my senses perceived
In the air are millions of life forms
As on the ground and under the sea
The many peoples of the green blue orb
Exist in harmony with one another
But one can cause havoc and destroy
The one they say is most intelligent
But how can this be?

15. Still We Haven't Learned 9.10.83

With every rise of revolution
There’s a kingdom laid to waste
With every coup de’tat
There’s a mother’s saddened face
And the guns will never silence
The death just doesn’t end
There always is an enemy
And a country to defend

16. Lights 10.17.83

When lights shine on the water
And I see a fish that flies
I know now why I came here
Beneath the ever-changing skies
When all around is vastness
And there’s not a thing in view
I know now why I came here
It’s all so old, yet so brand new

22. Haiku 8.9.84

Silent Voices
Watching, Waiting, Wanting
Siren Song of Breeze
Blossoms Shiver as with Frozen Winter
Encompassing All, contained within the
smallest space

39. Sounding 4.17.85

Dancing in the darkness
Flying thru the night
Sounding in the oceans
The GIANTS turn in flight
They never had to run away
They never had to hide
Until man had to slaughter them
To satisfy his pride

40. Let It Shine

You can say it with a smile
You can show it with your eyes
You can hold it far above you
You can reach up to the skies
You can break the biggest door down
You can bridge the gap of time
You can cool the hottest anger
If you only let it shine


48. Celebrate Your Life 9.25.85

Celebrate your life
Celebrate your life, shout
Celebrate your life, by giving it to the Lord
By living it for the Lord...on high
When the devil attacks you
He tempts you with his sin
Put your trust in Jesus
‘Cause with Him you always win
Yes he set you free from sin
All give thanks to Him

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